Online Leadership Team Training

Hello and Welcome Incoming Leadership Teams!

We are excited to offer a new BNI University online training module in video format to start your training. It is vital you complete the relevant online training BEFORE assuming your leadership team role.

1. If you cannot remember your BNI University login credentials select “Forgot your password?”, enter your BNI Connect email and follow the prompts.
2. It takes no more than 2.5 hours to complete each postion’s online training, most even less.
3. The BNI Melboure East office is notified when you have completed the training.
4. All Leadership Team online training materials may be located at: BNI University > Training > Curricula > BNI Leadership (EN).

1. President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer Leadership Team Transition (2 courses). Click here.

2. President Leadership Team Training (7 courses). Click here.

3. Vice President Leadership Team Training (9 courses). Click here.

4. Secretary/Treasurer Leadership Team Training (9 courses)Click here.

5. Membership Committee

Select the links below. Note: Some modules are repeated in each of the courses. They only need to be completed once.

6. Visitor Hosts Leadership Team Training (7 courses). Click here.

7. Education Coordinator Leadership Team Training (4 courses). Click here.

8. Mentor Coordinator’s Leadership Team Training 2019 (6 courses). Click here.

Questions? Please call David Harris 0438 366 955